Uploading .m4v or .m4a files to Multimedia Manager

To upload a .m4v video file, you only need to change the .m4v file extension to .mp4. This works for .m4a audio files, as well. (The .m4v and .m4a file types are simply a renamed version of the .mp4 media file type that specifies either "video" or "audio," respectively. The file structures are identical, and the file type extension for either can be changed to ".mp4" with no change in functionality.)

  1. Save a copy of the .m4v or .m4a file to your desktop.

  2. For Mac users: Click on the file name twice (slower than a double-click). For PC users: Right-click on the file name.

  3. Change the .m4v/.m4a extension to ".mp4." (Note that if you're uploading an audio playlist, you'll need to rename the audio file extension to .mp3, not .mp4.)

  4. Confirm the change if prompted.

  5. Upload the file into MultiMedia Manager.

If you have access to the original iMovie project file, you can also export it as a Quicktime .mov file and upload that.

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