Adding new admins to Multimedia Manager files

New administrators will not automatically get permission to view files in Multimedia Manager that have restricted viewing rights. An existing admin must manually give the newly created administrator viewing rights to those files.

To allow an admin user to edit a channel or folder, navigate to the channel or folder in question and click on the "Admin Rights" button.

In the "Admin Rights" window that pops up, use the checkboxes to select which administrators should have the ability to edit content in the selected channel or folder.

Giving an administrator admin rights means that they will have the ability to add, delete or edit content in that particular channel or folder. By contrast, viewing rights refer to whether or not the contents of a channel or folder will appear on your site. If you apply restricted viewing rights to a channel or folder, then only users who are specifically authorized will ever be able to see that content. Viewing rights are applied at the role or group level, so members of the allowed roles/groups will be able to see the media content, but any other site user will not.

To set viewing rights, navigate to the channel or folder you wish to restrict, and click the "View Rights" button.

In the Viewing Rights window, click the appropriate "View All" link to display the roles or groups configured on your website. Use the checkboxes to select the roles and/or groups that should be allowed to see the content in the selected channel or folder.

You also have the additional option of password protecting the folder or channel. Enter the desired password in the "Password key" field. Any user who tries to access this channel or folder will be asked to enter the password in order to view the content it contains.

Note: If you restrict viewing rights to a channel/folder AND require a password, only those users in the authorized roles/groups will even see the restricted folder, and will still have to supply a password.

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