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The Collections feature in the Posts module allows you to gather specific posts from any board and display them together in an order you select. To create a new collection or edit an existing one, open the Posts module, then select Collections

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Create a new Collection 

  1. Click + New Collection in Collections list in left navigation to create a new group of posts.
  2. When creating a new collection, first give it a name, then save. 

  3. Next, click the green + Add to Collection button in the top right corner to start adding posts to your new Collection. A new window will pop up, listing all of your previous posts, their author, publish date, board, and status.

         Add Post modal showing list of posts and Filter field

Add posts to an existing Collection

  • Click the green + Add to Collection button in the top right corner to add posts to a collection that already exists.
  • Select one or more posts from this list to add to the collection.

Important Note

The post selection list only shows your most recent posts. If you do not see the post you're looking for, search for the post by its title in the Filter box.

Manage posts in a Collection

Once posts have been added to a collection, here are some tasks you can do to manage your collections.

  • Use the three-dot menu at the right to adjust its position in the collection.
  • Remove a post from the collection in the same three-dot menu.
  • Drag and drop posts into a new order. Posts in the collection will now appear in this order.
  • Click the Update button at the lower left when finished.

3-dot menu to manage posts in collections.png

Display a Collection in Composer

After saving a collection, you can display it on Composer site pages with a Post element, just like a board.

  1. In Composer, add a Post element on the page where you want to display your collection.
  2. Open the Post element settings.
  3. Expand the Content Filters settings and toggle on Display posts from Collection. Select your Collection.
    display a collection in composer.png
  4. Use the other settings in the Content Filters section to display only posts with certain tags, or only Featured or Non-Featured posts.
  5. Save the element settings. The collection's posts will appear in the Post element.

Important Note

Set up a Post element to display both a collection and board(s). If you do this, the collection will always appear before the board posts, and any posts that are included in the collection will not be repeated.
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