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This article is for our newest event management module, New Calendars module. This new product is currently in closed beta. Additional information for current clients will be sent as soon as possible. Please see the following for additional updates:

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Finalsite's new Calendars module is where you can store event information from various calendars so that you can display those events on the website. This article describes best practices for using the Calendars module to set up new calendars and to create and display events.

Open up Calendars from the modules menu.

new calendars module.png

Create folders to stay organized

Before you add calendars, create folders so that you can stay organized, grouping similar calendars together in a folder. This will come in handy when you are granting permissions to admin users on your team to set permissions at the folder level when you're not wanting to share the entire module and list of calendars. 

Calendars on the Calendars tab are arranged in folders in the left navigation panel. Create new Folders using the + icon.

add folder.png

Groups vs folders

Our legacy module, Calendar Manager, utilized a system of combining calendars into groups. Instead of groups for organization, our new Calendars module utilizes folders. Organize your calendars into folders as you might have done previously with groups in Calendar Manager.

 Real World Example

Folders are perfect for:

  • Districts looking to organize calendars by schools.
  • Independent schools looking to break up calendars by event type.
Quickstart tips:
  • Organize entire calendars and/or specific events with folders.
  • Each folder can contain its own calendars and/or events and be customized in settings.
  • Each event within a folder can be edited and enabled individually.

Create calendars

Before you can display events on your website, you will need to Create a calendar. Click the + icon next to Available Calendars, and click Add Calendar.

add options create calendar.png

create calendar .png

Configure the following details:

  • Calendar name
  • Folder 
  • Label (enter Hex/RGB codes to match branding)
  • Calendar Type

Calendar Types

There are two Calendar Types: Standard and Live.

Standard Calendar Live Calendar

Benefits of using a Standard Calendar

  • Add events manually into the Calendars module screen.
  • Add events with a datasheet import.
  • Manage all edits here in Calendars.
  • Give admin users access to the Calendars module so they can add and manage their events.

Important Note

The calendar type cannot be changed after the calendar is created.

Connect and create events 

Standard Calendar Events Live Calendar Events

Add Standard Calendar Events

  • Click the Create Event button in the top right corner of the Dashboard, or simply click once on the date you’d like the event to appear on.
  • Create multi-day / recurring events to display in a block of dates. This is perfect for displaying school holidays and testing dates together on your calendars.
  • Live Events: Create events at the original source of your Live calendars, e.g. in Google Calendar where the original calendar was created and is housed. This will automatically sync the event to your Finalsite Calendars module and any Calendar Element where this calendar is connected.
  • Read "Add events in bulk" to make your calendar setup process even faster and more efficient by choosing to either Upload or Integrate.

Manage calendars

Once your calendars are created and events showing up in your calendar panel, manage your events in an ongoing way as the school year continues on. 

Delete events

Delete Standard Calendar Events: Click on an event. In the top right corner is a trash can where you can easily delete the event.

delete event.png

A window will pop up asking “Are you sure” and allowing you one last chance to consider your action. The event will automatically be removed from Calendars module and also from any Calendar Element.

Delete Live Calendar Events: As with managing and creating events, any events needing to be deleted need to happen in the original source. 

Important Note

It’s not possible to delete Live Calendar events in the Calendars module.

Manage event details

Standard Calendar Event details: Click on the event in the calendar panel of the Calendars module dashboard to open the Edit Event window. Change any of the details before clicking Update and saving your changes. Changes will be displayed anywhere you have connected this calendar in a Composer Calendar element.

manage event details in standard calendars .gif
Live Event details:
Edit event details for Live calendars at the original source. Any edits will be synced to your Calendars module and displayed calendars in Composer.

Important Note

It is not possible to edit event details for Live events in the Calendars module.

Move and reorganize calendars in folders

Move / reorganize calendars in your folder system as you get settled

Set permissions

Permissions for the Calendars module can be set on three different levels, allowing for very specific access to be granted according to the roles and responsibilities of your admin users. These three levels are: Global, Calendar Folder, and Individual Calendar. Read more about how these work in the article, “Calendars module permissions”.

Display and share events

Now you are ready to add Calendar elements to your Composer pages and display your events in a variety of different ways. Read more in the article, "Display events on your website."

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