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Finalsite’s New Calendars module allows school admins to create calendars and events that can be displayed on their websites, dynamically flowing into newsletters through the Messages module, and on mobile apps for your community.

  New Product

This article is for our newest event management module, New Calendars module. This new product is currently in closed beta. Additional information for current clients will be sent as soon as possible. Please see the following for additional updates:

Calendars module can be found in the module menu in the left navigation bar in Composer. 

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This is where events can be added to display on your site. You might have a feature on your homepage, for instance, that shows upcoming events in a slideshow. A campus calendar page could have a traditional ‘grid’-format calendar, with events displayed on each day. A “News” page could show a list of upcoming events with details opening on a pop-up. All of these scenarios (and others!) can be achieved by inserting a Calendar Element onto a Composer page.

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Getting started in New Calendars module 

Create calendars and add events

Events can be easily added into Calendars module. Plus, events that are saved in Calendars can be shared from other calendar systems. Pull events from another system (such as Google Calendars) into Calendars, and display them on your site as if they’d been created in Calendars. 

Add events manually to a standard calendar.gif

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Display events anywhere

Easily share events in a variety of ways throughout your site. Use Calendar elements and Calendar tools elements to display calendars that your visitors can filter, browse, or search within.

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Include Calendars events in bulk email templates, as well using dynamic content to pull events from calendars and seamlessly integrate them into email messages with the Messages module using custom styling to match the rest of the layout.

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