New Calendars module and Calendar Manager compared

The new Calendars module is a worthy successor to legacy Calendar Manager. Our developers created it with the intentions to keep (and improve!) the features you love as well as deliver a streamlined experience for admins and users alike. We also wanted to bring you the core functionality as soon as it was ready, while continuing to research and develop certain other features to make sure we get them right.

  New Product

This article is for our New Calendars module. This new product is currently in closed beta. Additional information for current clients will be sent as soon as possible. Please see the following for additional updates:

Here is a visual side-by-side comparison in case you are wondering which module you have! 

New Calendars module Calendar Manager

New Calendars module is currently in closed beta. Current clients will be given an opportunity to switch over at a date to be announced soon. Not sure which one you have? Calendars module can be found in your left navigation.

new calendars compared.png

If your favorite feature hasn't been included in Calendars yet, you can communicate directly with our Calendars development team by submitting a new idea, or voting and commenting on an existing one, through the Finalsite Ideas portal in Composer.

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