Integrate a Google Calendar with New Calendars module

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This article is for our newest event management module, New Calendars module. This new product is currently in closed beta. Additional information for current clients will be sent as soon as possible. Please see the following for additional updates:

This article shows how to integrate your Google Calendar so that it will dynamically and regularly push events into the New Calendars module and display anywhere you have connected the particular calendars in Composer using Calendar elements.

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Connecting a Google Calendar to the Calendars module is a fast and efficient way to update events dynamically for your community. This way you can: 

  • flow events into your CMS to be displayed on any Composer page.
  • insert events dynamically into the Messages module.
  • push events to Mobile Apps.

Step 1: Login to your Google Calendar

Once you've arrived, find the list of calendars on the left. Click the vertical three dots next to the one you want to configure, and select Settings & Sharing.

settings and sharing in google calendar.png

Step 2: Set calendar to be available to public

Set your calendar to be available to the public by scrolling down to the Access permissions for events section of the settings area and clicking the box next to Make available to public. Select See all event details to ensure that event details are visible to those viewing your calendar.

make available to public.png

Step 3: Integrate calendar to connect to Finalsite

On the same Calendar settings screen, scroll down to the Integrate calendar section. There is a Public address in iCal format box, which lets you share the calendar with other users.

Important Note

If size is larger than 3MB, the calendar will not successfully upload. Try deleting events or even creating a new calendar from scratch to meet the size limit.

  • Find the gray box titled Public address in iCal format.
  • Copy the URL ending in .ics. It's important to choose the correct link, the one ending in .ics. This is the only link that will create a dynamic connection between the two calendars.

integrate ical format public address.png

Step 4: Paste to connect the calendar in Calendars module

Open up the Calendars module. Create a calendar choosing Calendar Type Live or locate your already created Live calendar. Hover on the 3-dot menu of the Live calendar, opening up the Settings. On the General tab, paste the .ics URL into the field labeled Live iCal URL

paste url into live ical url spot.png

Now, events from Google will automatically populate the calendar. As new events are added to the Google Calendar, they'll be pulled into the Finalsite calendar, as well.

The fields that are synced between Google and Finalsite are:

  • Start Date / Start Time

  • End date / End time

  • Title

  • Location

  • Description

Important Note

iCal import is done immediately upon upload and then syncs will take place hourly. The size limit for calendars is 3MB. 

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