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This article is for our newest event management module, New Calendars module. This new product is currently in closed beta. Additional information for current clients will be sent as soon as possible. Please see the following for additional updates:

Here we will show how to display events on Composer pages. Before following the steps in this article, be sure you have read and completed the setup in the article, "Getting started with Calendars module", especially learning how to Create calendars and events, add events in bulk, share events to other calendars, and integrate a Google calendar for the most efficient process.

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Calendar element

Calendars are displayed on Composer site pages using a Calendar element.

calendar element in module menu.png

Calendar tools element

When used in conjunction with a Calendar element, the Calendar Tools element Legend format lets you choose to display events either alphabetically or by calendar group, so think about what sorts of groups would be helpful for your readers when you're setting them up.

calendar tools element legend format.png

Combine calendar elements with calendar tools elements

The possibilities are endless for how you can display events on Composer pages.

  • Display calendar events in different formats by adjusting your Calendar element settings.
  • Link together Calendar Tools elements with Calendar elements so that you can filter, browse, or search for specific events that are connected to a particular Calendar element.

calendars page.png

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