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Welcome to Resources, a new way to store and manage your website files! Before you get started, please read about and consider the following changes to your workflow in Composer and Posts that will come along with enabling Resources on your site.

Consider before you enable

Enabling Resources will not remove File Manager and Multimedia Manager from your site. File Manager and Media Manager will continue to be accessible, and your website will not be impacted immediately by enabling this module. Files will not be automatically moved into Resources, nor is it required for you to do so. We have provided tools for migrating files over to the new Resources module; however, the files will remain in their original locations as well until such time you choose to delete them.

Although your files will still be housed in File Manager or Multimedia Manager, by default you will not be able to use them from these locations and will instead need to migrate them to use them on Composer pages or in Posts. Contact Support to enable "Backwards Compatibility Mode," which will allow you to continue to use File Manager and Multimedia Manager in these areas while you complete the transition to Resources.

When files are imported from File Manager and/or Multimedia Manager, they are simply copied into Resources. The original files in File and Multimedia Managers are not affected in any way and will continue to be linked in any location on your site where they were used prior to the import. This does mean that any imported file will count twice against your disk space until you delete the original file from File Manager or Multimedia Manager.

Resources has been made available for exclusive use in Composer and Posts.  Once enabled, all admins with rights to Composer and Posts will be required to use Resources. Locations in Composer and Posts where File Manager or Multimedia Manager had been used to select and link to files will now only facilitate selection and linking to Resources. Files from File Manager and Multimedia Manager can still be used by importing those files into Resources, either individually or on a folder-by-folder basis.

Note: Resources are not available in Finalsite Learn or modules other than Posts. File Manager and Multimedia Manager files are still available in these locations.

Special design treatments built out using File Manager or Multimedia Manager may need to be updated with Resources. You may continue to use these design treatments with your current File Manager or Multimedia Manager workflow, or contact Support to learn what rebuilding these components would entail.

Every Board in Posts will have a folder automatically generated for it. Your Posts editors can upload new files to that folder that can be utilized as a post thumbnail, embedded in the posts content, or even attached to the post and displayed in a Resource gallery alongside the post on your post page.

If it is not already enabled, your content editor will be upgraded to our latest version. Users may notice a few small differences. The functionality is almost entirely the same, however. More information can be found in our Editor section of our Knowledge Base.

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