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To ensure that your Feeds product is populating correctly after changes in 2018 to some social media API policies, you'll need to connect certain social accounts using the Feeds moderation console. If you do not see the Feeds console as listed in step one below, please reach out to Support.

  1. Navigate to the left-side Modules menu in Composer and select “Feeds” from the menu. The popup window for the Feeds moderation console should appear.

  2. Select the “hamburger” menu on the right-hand side of the screen, then select “Your Social Connections.”

  3. On the "Your Social Connections" screen (previously titled "Connected Social Accounts"), use the link icon to log in with the username and password for the account. When prompted, authorize the requested access.

 Below is a video walkthrough:

There is currently not a way to add more than one account on any platform except Instagram at this time. If you need to remove an account, you must delete all accounts and then re-add any accounts you would like to add.


Make sure you are logged out of any personal Instagram accounts. If you're trying to add a new Instagram source to Feeds, please go to "Add a new source" below. For users trying to refresh an existing Instagram source in Feeds, please go to "Refresh an existing source."

Add a new source

If you are trying to add a new Instagram source, first connect the account as described above. Once you have successfully connected the account, then you can add it as a source to Feeds. Note: Connecting the account does not automatically also add it as a source. Clients now have the ability to add their owns sources in the Feeds moderation console.

If you need to add multiple Instagram sources, you must connect each account one at a time. Please use the steps above to connect the first account. Before returning to the Feeds console to connect the second account, make sure you are logged out of the first account on -- if not, then you'll reconnect the first account again by accident. Once you have connected all Instagram accounts, then you can add each one as a source in Feeds.

The connection token for each account will expire after several months and needs to be reconnected at that time, following the same steps above.

Refresh an existing source

For Instagram sources that are already in your Feeds plan, you need to reconnect the account every few months. Please follow the steps at the top of the article, which are also in the video.

Note: Once the Instagram account is connected, your existing Instagram source in the Feeds module will refresh with the next scheduled sync of the feed. The sync occurs every 4 hours for "Starter" Feeds plans, or every 5 minutes for "Standard" and "Premium" plans.


Facebook business pages may be added as a source without the need to first connect the account. Normal text posts and photo posts should show from the Facebook page. However, Facebook posts that contain a video do require that account to first be connected before the video post will show.

If you’re connecting a Facebook account, you may be prompted to connect your Personal Account. Facebook requires all business pages be connected to a Personal Account. The below information is provided from the relevant Facebook help article:

"You must have a Facebook account and a personal profile set up in order to create a Facebook Page, as every Page needs to have an admin in order to login and manage the Page, or have a role on the Page.

"However, when you create a Page from your personal account no one can see that you're the admin or that your personal account is associated with the Page."


We ask that you connect your Twitter account so that we don't run into API rate limits. This will not automatically pull your Twitter posts into Feeds. After you connect your account, then you will be able to add a source for the desired Twitter account or hashtag.


LinkedIn requires you to connect the account before it can be added as a source, and you must be an administrator of the company page you wish to add. LinkedIn has a very restrictive API, so only company pages can be added at this time (not personal or school pages) and there are a limited number of historical posts that will pull in from LinkedIn. After you have connected the account, then you can add it as a source to Feeds.

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