Connecting an Instagram account in the Feeds module

To use either an Instagram account source or Instagram Reels source in the Feeds module, you first need to connect the relevant Instagram account on the "Connected Accounts" screen in Feeds. A single connection should satisfy the requirement for either source type with Instagram.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts (school, athletics, alumni) that you want to display as a source, then you need to connect each account in Feeds. Steps are provided below. Once you've connected the Instagram account, then you can add your Instagram source to Feeds.

To add a new connection

  1. Visit and log your browser out of all Instagram accounts. 
  2. In Composer, open the Feeds module from the left side modules menu. Feeds will open in a popup window. Go to the "Connected Accounts" page, which you can find in the hamburger menu in the top right of the Feeds window.
    Feeds - Connected Accounts - Hamburger Menu.png

  3. On the "Connected Accounts" screen, locate the Instagram section and click the red plus icon. 
    Feeds - No Instagram Connection.png

  4. You'll be taken to the Instagram screen to login with the username and password for the Instagram account. After logging into Instagram, allow the request for the Juicer app to access profile information and media on the Instagram account.
    Feeds - Instagram Authorization for Juicer.png

  5. Upon completing the authorization on the Instagram screen, you should be returned to the Feeds screen after a few moments. The connection will be established and should be listed on the "Connected Accounts" screen with green text saying a valid until date. Note: Connecting the account itself does not automatically also add it as a source. If this is a new Instagram connection you're making for the first time, then you'll still need to add each Instagram account as a source on the Feeds home screen.

    Feeds - Instagram Connection.png

  6. If you need to add multiple Instagram sources, you must connect each account one at a time. Please use the steps above to connect the first account. Before returning to the Feeds console to connect the second account, make sure you are logged out of the first account on - if not, then you'll reconnect the first account again by accident.

To refresh an expired connection

If the Instagram connection shows as expired, please refresh the connection by clicking the double arrow icon. You should be taken to the Instagram screen where it reminds you that you previously granted the Juicer app access. Confirm the settings once again and then it should take you back to the Feeds screen with an active connection valid until a date in the future.

If you have multiple Instagram connections that are expired, you need to log out of the current Instagram account after reconnecting it before moving onto the next Instagram account. Otherwise, you'll just refresh the one you're already logged into once again.

Once you've established the fresh connections, then existing Instagram sources should resume loading new posts with the next sync of your Feeds ID, which occurs either every four hours or five minutes depending on package level.

Additional Information

The connection is a requirement from Meta and lasts for two months at a time, at which point it expires and needs to be refreshed. You may want to create an alert on your calendar to reconnect your feed at that time. If one of your connections has expired, it will be displayed in red text.


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