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If you’re not one of your website’s administrators, but you’re using Finalsite Posts, the interface may seem a bit confusing at first. This article is intended to explain the basics of using Posts as a portal user.

For a more comprehensive introduction to our Posts module, check out our Posts for users course on the Finalsite Training platform. This course is available to you even if you aren't able to log in.

Starting out with Posts

First, you’ll log in to the portal using your regular credentials. You’re probably already familiar with the navigation menu when you hover over your name or avatar. This time, you’ll see a new option on the list of links -- Posts! Select this link, and you’ll be taken to Posts in a new window.


Once in Posts, you’ll see a list of the “Boards” that you have access to, organized in folders. A board is best described as a collection of posts; it’s where your posts will live. You may have your own board, or share your board with others. Clicking on a board name will bring up a list of the posts that are on that board.


Each post is color-coded with a bar on its left-hand side, so you can tell whether it’s unscheduled (yellow), scheduled (light green), published (green), or expired (pink). There’s a legend at the top to remind you -- and you can click on each part of the legend to filter out that type of post.


You can also access some additional settings for your board by hovering over the board name and clicking on the three-dot “Action Menu” that appears. Which options appear here will depend on your level of permissions for the board.


On the right side of the Posts screen, you can search for posts by keyword, delete existing posts by clicking on the trashcan icon next to it, or make a new post by clicking on the green button.


All of the features on the Edit Post screen are explained in detail in the article Make a new post. At a minimum, you’ll give your post a title, add content or a redirect URL, and click the “Save” button in the bottom-right corner. If you don’t have publish rights for the board, that button will change to “Request Publish” and allow you to contact the board admins to review and publish your post. Find out more about publishing a post in this article: Publish a post.

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