Embed element

The Embed element is used to present rich material that's hosted on a third-party site. Many sites that allow users to upload and share content give each piece of content a unique "embed code," a snippet of HTML that will allow that content to be displayed elsewhere.

For example, YouTube.com includes embed codes for most of the videos that end users upload. A particular video's code can be copied from YouTube.com and pasted into the Embed element. The element will then display the video to end users.

To insert an Embed element on your Composer page, open up your Element library to the "Standard" elements and select "Embed." 

element library opened up to embed element selection.png

Element Settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Embed element includes the following configuration option.

       embed element settings window.png

General Settings

  • Code: Copy the HTML embed code from another site and paste it here.
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