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Admin users who have rights to edit but not publish Composer pages can send a Request to Publish to a specified admin. The list of specified admins is comprised of everyone in an administrator group who has "Admin" level access to pages. This article explains this process from the perspective of the requester as well as the approver.

As the requester

  • After making changes to the page, click the Request to Publish button in the bottom-right corner.
  • Complete the dialog box by selecting an admin from the list and adding a comment, if needed.
  • Click Send Request. This generates an email notification to the admin and changes the page status to Requested Publish.


Important Note

You can cancel the request by clicking the Cancel Publish Request button in the bottom-right corner. Doing so will generate a second email notification informing the admin of the cancellation.

As the approver

When a request to publish has been made, the selected admin receives an email notification, as shown below.


When a page is in Requested Publish status, in Composer the admin can either approve or deny the request.


If the request is approved, the page is published and an approval email is sent to the requester.


If the request is denied, the page is returned to Draft status (retaining any changes) and a denial email is sent to the requester with any provided comments.


The publish request statuses will also be reflected in the page history view to indicate:

  • Publish Requested
  • Publish Request Cancelled
  • Publish Request Denied
  • Published
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